Back to the Banana Cabana

A few years ago I had the absolute pleasure of directing a lil’ animated comedy series named Almost Naked Animals. Working with some of the most talented cast & crew a fella could ask for and laughing every day, it was A LOT of work but a definite highlight of my career (so far).

Now I’m learning 3D. I thought to myself, I thought “Hey Brad, why don’t you go back to the Banana Cabana?” Then I thought, “Hey good idea, Me.”

And here we are. I had so much fun making this (it’s also why I’ve been so quiet the last couple of weeks!)


(Almost Naked Animals is property of 9 Story Media group. Not me).

Final Renders…

Welcome Back to the Banana Cabana!

Octo was our fearful and organized desk clerk, so this is a view from his normally unseen world. (With a couple of small Easter eggs)

Octo’s luke warm coffee (for safety purposes).

Up close & personal with Howie

Duck in your face.

Bums. (The placement of Howie’s tail to his butt crack always kinda freaked me out a bit. But who am I to judge anatomy? I’m no Veterinarian!)


And the images tracking my progression (Earliest to recentest)…

The initial blocking in. (Did I mention how giddy I was working on this…it was SO cool revisiting it & seeing it come to life!)

Adding textures and more details. You can see the wire to the keyboard was in progress.

Ooo-Laa-Laa! Naked Duck before I modeled his underpants. (18+)

Weight painting. (Telling the hairs where to grow from, so they don’t poke through nipples or eyeballs) The red represents the areas where hair will be thickest.

The forming of Howie (and Duck is now decently attired)

Sculpting in some details on the ultimate danger dog.

Refining some details on the desk.

I hope you enjoyed! (I had a a blast creating it!)