Quick Light Bulb Tutorial

My original plan was to hop into characters AND Blender 2.8 next, but my friend, Jesse Lickman suggested I first work my way through this simple (But ever so helpful!) 2-part tutorial series by the wonderful Blender Guru.

This is the first tutorial I just followed as is & didn’t make my own creative additions to—so what you see, is what you get in this tutorial.

It introduces modeling the bulb & creating the materials, working with Bezier Curves, the Kelvin Scale, omitting certain object’s shadows from camera view, Render Layers AND an introduction to working with the Blender Compositor (among other things)! So helpful!

…So NOW onto characters & Blender 2.8!!! (…probably?)


Creating an Anvil

Thanks (once again) to Blender Guru’s AMAZING tutorial series, I’ve worked my way through modeling this anvil. A lot of complex shapes and interesting ways of looking at things go into such a seemingly simple object. Thanks to this series I’ve now learned more about modeling, Booleans, optimizing topology, normal mapping, 3D sculpting and UV unwrapping!

There was also a lesson on baking normals in the last video of the series to optimize render times, but I found doing so lost some of the dented sculpting details—So I stuck with the original.

As with all of these tutorials, I won’t just leave this anvil here—but will add to them & make my own little entertaining image(s) with them as I learn more. So stay tuned for a gallery update!